NGTC Project Highlight



GASC was contracted to design, supply, install, and commission three separate aquatic systems for North Georgia Technical College. The three systems will primarily be used for teaching and demonstration purposes and are comprised of:

1) Hybrid Striped Bass System featuring three 1,150 gal open top Culture Tanks, GASC LG Bioreactor, X-Flo UV Sterilizer, Faivre Rotating Drum Filter, BLUE BOX Oxygen Generator, powered by a 3hp Sparus Constant Flow Pump.

2) Shrimp System featuring a 718 gal fiberglass Raceway Tank, GASC SM Bioreactor, RK2 Foam Fractionator, Aquadyne Bead Filter, A3 Aeration Nozzles, powered by a Taurus 1.5 hp Variable Speed Pump.

3) Hybrid Aquaponics & Tilapia System featuring a 1,150 gal Culture Tank, four 48"x98"x12" Fiberglass Floating-Bed Tray Systems, three NFT Channel Systems, two Wave Vortex Settlers, a GASC MD Bioreactor, powered by a Sequence 4000 Pump.

Also included were a raw water intake system comprised of a 3hp Sparus Constant Flow Pump and 3,100 gal Water Storage/Treatment Tank, and an aeration system featuring two Sweetwater 1.5 hp Regenerative Blowers. These facilitate raw water and aeration needs for all three culture systems.

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